Thanks for the Small Adjustments and Bug Fixes


I’ve been reading and hearing about the many disappointments of the new release with interest and some agreement. Still, I would like to be positive and address the many small changes and bug fixes that have been done with 2019. I very much appreciate those, in some cases, wee little adjustments that can make life way better. I have it now fully installed and everything seems to be working fine. However, I do always regret the time I put into getting the interface back to how I have it customized. But such is life.

For those of us who have been in this game for a while, you will all know that updates are very often lack luster, and that includes the big CADs as well. No matter how extensive or lack luster the update is I have cast my lot exclusively with SU and Layout and plan to stay the course. It is such a far superior way to work than traditional CAD.

So thanks guys for the update. Still you probably should make the SketchUP Classic choice a bit more easily spotted. Is does look a little shady being so small.


got to say that LAYOUT is substantially quicker on my PC… so A SHOUT OUT for that thx


Good points. I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in opening file times…probably because I have way too many extensions and v2018 had to load them all and then remind me to update a few of them that v2019 seems to have resolved.