Where to find Shadow Settings

Where do I find Shadow Settings in SketchUp Pro 2021? The tutorial video says it is found in the Window menu, but that is 2018 version and I am training on the 2021 version. ANy suggestions?

Look in the Default Tray on the right side of the screen. If it’s not there, go to Window>Default Tray and select it to show. I expect the tutorial you were looking at refers to Mac, not PC.

Thanks DaveR. Got it!
I’ve another unrelated question about drawing circles (I am just coming back into SketchUp after a few years’ break) … I’m trying to draw a circle, and for some reason it’s come out as a hexagon. Did I accidentally indicate that I wanted my circles to have six sides?!

Call up the circle tool. Before clicking anywhere, type the number of sides you want, push enter.

You probably type 6 after selecting the circle tool. Or maybe you selected the Polygon tool instead of the Circle tool. The Polygon tool defaults to drawing a hexagon. The default number on a circle is 24 sides.



Thanks, I typed 0 as circles have zero sides, right?! But error message popped up saying the number must be between 3 and 999

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Not in SketchUp. Circles are represented by a number of connected edges. By default, 24 of them. If your circles are large enough you might want to increase that number but don’t do so unless it adds something to the model. Otherwise you create needless file bloat and potentially problems with tiny faces.


Thanks, it was not the polygon tool, I thought maybe I’d accidentally selected that, but no.
Also, the tutorial I am learning from will refer to both the PC and the Mac

:rofl: You are so right, and so wrong. All geometry in SketchUp is represented by straight lines, all circles are faceted. The higher the number of sides the smoother the circle, but at a cost as Dave rightly points out.

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Thanks, very helpful.