How do I draw an octagon?

Really stupid newbie question:

I can’t figure out how to draw anything except hexagons. I’ve watched to toolbar videos, but I can’t get the number of sides to change, no matter what (or when) I enter an 8 or 8s in the dimension box. I have tried restarting both the app and the computer.

I’m obviously doing something wrong, but what?

EDIT: Found the answer: Choose tool, enter number of sides, TAP THE ENTER KEY, continue with operation.

Dope slap self-administered.

Sketchup Make 2015, Mac OS 10 Yosemite

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You can set the number of sides just as you have discovered, or after forming the polygon [before exiting that tool] immediately type 8s + [enter] to change its side-count.
Provided the polygon hasn’t be combined into other 3d geometry, then later on you can select that polygon and use > Entity Info and change the side count there [note that you can also use that dialog for changing arc/circle segment counts]

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Thank you for figuring this out for me…I am sure had I not found this answer, I would have…but like you it would have been frustrating and time consuming…glad you came back to let us know you found the answer. Saved me from having to Dope slap myself lol