Choosing number of sides in Polygon Tool

I’m trying to draw a triangle using the polygon tool. I’ve watched 4 or 5 tutorials explain this but no matter what I do I can not get the polygon tool to NOT be 6 sides. I change the number of sides at the lower left to 3 but it doesn’t have any affect. What am I missing?
In a semi-related note, I noticed that, when I began typing this I got a pop-up suggesting topics previously posted. Unfortunately, the pop-up covered the full suggestions so I clicked the first one and it wasn’t what I was looking for. I would have liked to see the other suggestions but I wasn’t sure how to get the box back up. I’m sure my question has been answered but I couldn’t find anything. I’m guessing the suggested topics may have had the answer.

type 3s not just the 3 and it should work…

doing that after the tool selection, first click or second click, works for me…


When you first select the polygon tool you should see in the measurements window, “sides 6”. Do not click in the window just press the the “3” key and return.

If you draw a hexagon you change it to a triangle by typing 3s and then return.
Again, no clicking in the measurement box.


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Thanks for the quick replies. Unfortunately none of those suggestions works which leads me to believe I’m in some view or mode I’m not supposed to be in. Are there alternate ways to make a triangle?

You said you changed a number in the lower left to 3. What does that panel look like? The one everyone is talking about here, where you don’t click, you type 3 and Enter, changes a number in the lower right of the window.

it may have something to do with windows 10…

there are posts about issues for early adopters…

have you tested in a new empty model?


I just tried Make 2015 under Windows 10, and the usual select Polygon tool, type 3 Enter, changes it to a triangle.

OK, I’ve tried 3 then Enter and it appears to be working this time. I’m not sure what was happening but if it stops working again I’ll report back. Perhaps it is a bug having to do with Windows 10 or maybe my brain. Thanks again!

Type 3 + Enter as the very first step after activating the Polygon tool, sides change to 3, now place it and size…
Alternatively if it’s already placed you can type 3s+Enter to reset the number of sides.
Later on, you can Select a Polygon that has not be subsumed into a 3d form and use Entity Info to change its number of sides…

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The OP in this thread asked the same question that I came looking for and the replies answered it… but I have one issue remaining.
I am using SU18Pro… and find the commands beteween Model and Layout seem inconsistant.

To get a TRIANGLE: If I use the polygon tool in MODEL space I am able to type ‘3’ then enter… works fine [get a triangle].
In LAYOUT space, I have to type ‘3S’ then enter… works fine [get a triangle]. Don’t forget the ‘S’ :slight_smile:

But since my brain has been trained to follow the way model space works (because I obviously learned to model before using layout) I go nuts trying to remember such idiosynchrasies in LAYOUT.

Could the developers make little things like this consistant? Its the little foxes that destroy the vineyard…

‘3’ or ‘3S’ doesnt bother me (but prefer just ‘3, enter’ like model does it)… it does my grey matter in trying remember when the routine uses differing input. I lost like 5 minutes on this moot point.
WISH LIST… both programs to have same input.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love Sketchup BTW>>> Just saying. Still having fun!

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The trick to changing how many sides a polygon has is pressing the “enter” key after the “number”:
Press ‘3’ then ‘enter’ = triangle
Press ‘4’ then 'enter = square
Press ‘5’ then enter = pentagon and on it goes.
It took me ages to figure this out.

In that respect it works just like the Circle or Arc tool.

You can also toggle between using an inscribed or circumscribed radius to get the select radius either vertex to vertex (inscribed) or ‘across flats’ (circumscribed.

The toggle key is Opt/Alt on Mac, and Ctrl on Windows.