Where is the tape measure tool in Sketchup Viewer for iPhone?

I can’t now find the tape measure tool in the latest available viewer for iphone (v6.2).

It used to be on a Tools menu, but I can’t now find either that, or the tape measure tool under any other icon.

These are the only icons I see with a model open, and I’ve opened all in turn and either missed the viewer, or it isn’t there any more.

Has it actually been removed from the latest version?

Touch the select arrow again. You’re viewing in landscape, and the two sets of buttons sit in the same space. In portrait the select tool modifiers are vertical, and the other tool buttons are horizontal, so there’s less problem seeing them.

Thank you @colin.

I almost always use it in Landscape, and didn’t realise the select tool would respond a further click.

Even in portrait it’s not obvious that touching the select arrow will show you more tools!

Certainly wasn’t something I think I would have found for myself.