Dimension tool access on new SketchUp install

Hi there,

Ever since I upgraded to SketchUp 2019 I’m not able to find the dimension tool. In particular I mean the one which you can us to isometric measures between 2 points and extract that, which then indicates a line with the measures in it.
So it’s not the measure tool but explicit the dimension tool. I need it for my architect. It was “lost” somewhere between upgrading from 2018 to 2019. Searched the entire internet but “alt” doesn’t help in Windows as said.
Anyone can help please??


I’m confused as to which tool you are looking for exactly. The Dimension tool and Tape Measure tool are found in the Tools menu. Did you look there?

Unfortunately the installers do not yet migrate toolbar or inspector panel positions from older installs.

When you first start a new install of a new version, only the Getting Started toolbar is visible.
But the Dimensions tool button does not appear on this toolbar.

It does however appear on both the Large Tool Set and Construction toolbars.

To edit or change toolbars, go to View menu, and choose Toolbars…

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I did look there, but couldn’t find it… It was the dimension tool. I followed DanRathbuns instructions and found it :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply DaveR !!

Found it, thanks !!! My architect will be happy :slight_smile:

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