Where is the edit menu in the online sketchup?

i cannot find the edit menu to make a component. the help file says click edit. but i cant see an edit menu!

Hello. Try Right click ?

i am not sure this POS chromebook has a right click on the touchpad. thats all I can think of

I believe a two-finger tap on the touchpad is a right-click on Chromebooks.

I think you’re probably looking at Help files for our desktop client application, either SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro; you’ll find that the UI for SketchUp for Web differs in some ways.

But the underlying modelling stuff is all the same. You can make a component in either of the following ways:

  • tap the ‘G’ key on your keyboard
  • Choose “Create Component…” from the context menu (rt-click on the selection set)

Here’s a reference that may help you find the rt-click on your Chromebook- looks like there is a gesture that supports it. I know that many of Google’s GSuite applications implement context menus, so there is surely a way to make that work on your specific device.

thankyou, just figured that out, just in time as next tap might have been with a hammer. why wont a google chromebook run google sketchup properly instead of having to use the online version. should have bought a windows laptop. the man in curries assured me it could do everything i wanted to do.

you could always plug a mouse in !

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6 years or so since it has been a google product.

Chromebooks don’t run normal operating systems. Instead they run a version of Chrome. SketchUp requires Windows or OSX. The increased footprint of Chromebooks was one of the reasons for moving forward with the web-based version of SketchUp.

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