How to create groups or components

… On the iPad Pro. This is my only computing device.

It doesn’t really work on an iPad, much as I wish it would. The problem is the iOS interface has no way to move and hover the cursor without also clicking. In SketchUp you need to do the two things separately, but in iOS it’s one and the same, so it’s mostly an issue baked into the iPad interface.

In the desktop version on which SketchUp for web is based on, a group can be created with:

  • menu Edit → Create Component (or Create Group)
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl K
  • secondary button → Create Component
    (Note: a secondary button click is a right-click if you are a right-hander, a left-click if you are a left-hander, or any other accessibility method that emulates it if you are not using a mouse.)

In SketchUp for Web, a full menu does not exist (but is also not replicated by toolbar buttons, which touch-friendly user interfaces would have).

The last two options remain if you can find a way to manually invoke the onscreen keyboard or if your browser supports invoking a secondary button event.

Except there is no default keyboard shortcut for Create Group in the Desktop version.

On the desktop, K is the default shortcut for ‘show bacK edges’ (as dashed lines).