Creating Groups

How do you create ‘groups’ in mysketchup - there does not seem to be a command to be able to do this ?

Pretty much the same way you do in normal SU.

Thanks for that, but I am not able to get the dialogue menu uo after selection - how do you do this ?

Right click just as in regular SketchUp.


I am on an i pad pro so how do you right click with apple pencil ?


Nigel Rayner

Probably tap and hold.

I tried various things, but couldn’t find a way to do groups. If you have the iPad keyboard you can press the G key to bring up the Component dialog, but even if you use that as a work around, I don’t see a way to edit the component after you have made it.

Hi guys,

My.SketchUp isn’t ready to use on an iPad yet- and this is an example of the sort of problems you’re likely going to run into if you try it out anyway. Since SketchUp’s UX relies heavily on the presence of both a mouse and a keyboard, simple things like invoking a context menu are going to have to be rewritten. And that’s really just the beginning of it :wink:

I recognize how handy it would be to have SketchUp running on tablet computers, but we haven’t got anything to announce yet.


Thanks John. I wasn’t aware that Sketchup was under development for iPad Pro… but it’s a natural fit that would fantastic. Please keep the community updated on the progress.

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