Using edit group is kind of funky. Or is it just me?

I would think, once you select a group, right click, and select edit group, it would stay in that mode until you re group. But I’m trying operations where I need to edit a group and I keep selecting the group, clicking edit group, trying to use different tools. And I keep having to reset edit group over and over. Why won’t it stay in that mode?

Don’t regroup. Think of editing the group as opening a container to get to the stuff inside. If you click outside of the group it will close the container. It’ll stay open unless you do something to close it.

I’ll move this to the right category for you as I did for the previous ones. Please start additional threads in the SketchUp for iPad category.

Thanks DaveR. I thought I looked for a sketchup for iPad category and didn’t see it. All I saw that complied was “sketchup pro” Guess I needed to scroll down further.