Learning Sketch Up and Edit Group is missing from drop down

I am just learning sketch up through a course and it asks to edit a group by right clicking on a group inside of a component. A window pane inside the larger window, to be exact. When I right click there is no “edit group” option. I can click on “edit component” again with the pane selected, but when I go to paint in a cloud pattern, it doesn’t do anything. The video I am being instructed through (IDI) is 2018 version so maybe there have been some changes to this. Any advice on how to add clouds?

In order to edit the group that is inside a component, one must first open the component for editing. This can be either via right click and choose edit component or selecting it and press enter. The same goes for editing a group.

Yes, I am inside the component.

Sounds like the ‘Pane’ is a component rather than the group you are looking for, so choose Edit Component again and away you go. If that isn’t the case you need to show us something, attch the model itself or at the very least a screenshot.