Where is “Arrange”?

In various places, the documentation says, “choose Arrange > …” (for example, in Aligning and spacing entities), but I don’t see “Arrange” in any menu or context menu. Where do I find it?


Arrange is an option in LayOut, not in SketchUp. You must have been looking at information about using LayOut. The link you shared points to a Help article for LayOut and clearly indicates that at the top of the page.

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Indeed, the link you provided is to a layout help documentation. layout is available only with the pro or studio versions.

Thank you, @DaveR and @francisquitof! That would explain it. I just saw “SketchUp” at the top of the page and didn’t stop to consider that LayOut was the name of a different product or ecosystem component. (Actually, I didn’t even notice the “LayOut” header, lol.)

Thanks again.