Arranging the stacking order

This what the Help Center says about bringing objects forward/back:

Arranging the stacking order

You can arrange how entities are stacked on top of each other using commands on the Arrange menu or by context-clicking an element an selecting a command on the context menu that appears

Unfortunately, I cannot find the Arrange menu. Neither does it appear as a selection choice when I right-click on the selected object. Where is it?

Look for it in layout not sketchup.

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As Box indicated, this is a LayOut feature, not a SketchUp feature. If you look at the top of the page you refer to, you’ll see that indicated.

Stacking order is a 2D thing anyway. It wouldn’t make sense in a 3D application like SketchUp.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. You would need Pro to have LayOut.

As Box says, that instruction is for the companion program Layout which is for 2D documents and does have layers in the classic sense. SketchUp is a completely 3D environment, there is no stacking order of layers, there are no layers, nothing is behind or in front of anything else, any more than things are in front or behind each other in the real world. Where you place objects in 3D space determines how they are arranged.

Arranged? :slight_smile:

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Ha. Yes, all my objects are going to court,


Thanks, guys, for all the input! I didn’t realize Layout is a separate program. I had downloaded the 30 day Trial version of Pro 2020 thinking maybe I needed Pro instead of Make but know I know…

Maybe you still need SketchUp Pro anyway.

I am a hobbyist that paid the BIG money for Pro, IT IS WORTH IT !!