Where have my Yellow Roses gone?

Well - more like lemons - buy hey…

I used a component from 3D Warehouse - it was a plant with yellow roses. You can see them in this animation…

Somewhere along the the line my lemons, sorry roses disappeared but not the leaves…

If I add the component again the roses are there…

Any idea what’s going on?


I would check the outliner, and look to see if the roses only are a sub-group or sub-component that has been hidden.

Hmmm - I can’t see anything obvious - but then I’m a bit of a newbie…

I have put the skp file here…

Any advice would be most appreciated…


It looks like there is a component definition with “roses” - Rosa gialla arbusto 2#1

And one without - Rosa gialla arbusto 2

Make group with component inside active, then you can open Window>Components you can contextclick(rightclick on pc) - Rosa gialla arbusto 2 >select instances.

While those are selected you can contextclick- Rosa gialla arbusto 2#1 >replace selected.

You have a lot of different groups so you may have to go into each group to do this. If any of those groups are the same you can make those into components and they will all update together.

Also, check out Thom Thom’s selection toys for some more advanced selection options for components.

There was some component editing. Enable edge profiles and hidden geometry to examine.

The original component was edited and the flower geometry was removed. A few remnant bits of geometry remain because the remnants are on Layer0. The flower layer that geometry was on is missing from that component.

The flowers are excessively detailed - one spherical bud has close 881 entities - and just loose geometry placed on a separate layer.

Ideally, the flower and bud geometry should be modeled on Layer0 > make components and distribute component copies inside rose bush component > place component on new layer to toggle visibility on/off.

Many thanks to all for the responses. Very informative - I have so much to learn!!!

I have fixed my problem - I used Wades “replace selected” suggestion and replaced all the bushes.

No idea how it got like that… hmmm.