Where do I find older version of SketchUp (Pro), LayOut, Style_Builder

I have old Macs running old versions of Mac OS X, and would like to download older version of SketchUp apps, the ones that are no longer on https://www.sketchup.com/download/all
And I would like to get the French versions of those apps. I tried putting the address on Web Archive but when I click on a download link it gives me an error.
Here are the main apps I am looking for :

MAKE - PRO windows XP c’est mort ? • sketchUcation • 1
This is an old page on a French forum where you find links.

Thanks in advance.

See the last post in this thread:

Those are english and german, pm me for the french and what version exactly

Thanks a lot for your help, sadly all links provided in this thread seems to be dead, I hope this is temporary and links will be back online but I think they killed them for good.

Ok thanks for your reply, I collect hardware stuff but also software, too. So here is what I would need in French (for Mac but if you have for Windows that could be great, too) :

  • 2013 and 2014 versions
  • And version 7 and 8 (Pro if possible)

For info that would be for Macs, running between Mac OS X Tiger and Lion

EDIT : You can find original (but now non working) links of what I am looking for : MAKE - PRO windows XP c'est mort ? • sketchUcation • 1