SketchUp Make 2014 Download Links (provided here)

Several people have been requesting older versions of SketchUp Make because they can’t use SketchUp Make 2015 with their computer’s older OS. Please see the hardware and software requirements to run current and older versions of SketchUp in our Knowledge Center here:

Below are the links to download older versions of SketchUp Make. We will make this available for a stint, so folks can download SketchUp Make 2014 until they can upgrade their computer’s OS.

Since these are direct download links, and since previous versions of SketchUp are platform specific, please choose the platform and the year of SketchUp Make you want to download from the options below, and you are off to the races.

[Windows SketchUp Make 2014]

[Mac SketchUp Make 2014]

UPDATE: : Thanks @DanRathbun for making one piece of a greater good whole. The older downloads for SketchUp Make in the languages listed above can be found here:


Was working on a project for over 6 hours when my program decided to say, “sorry you need to have a license.” I was using Sketch up pro 2014 as Xp only allows up to that version. No free SketchUp make 2014 was listed and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I don’t want upgrading my operating system as my only option, all i want is to either A: Convert my files to SketchUp 2013 which I have on my laptop, or B: Find SketchUp Make 2014 so I can continue my progress without having to buy a license. Any help would be great.

Here you go @fayant_n


Thank you for the links, i got it solved earlier thanks to some speedy help.

Let me begin by saying that I’m not very technically informed or computer literate!

Here is my problem. Today I tried downloading SketchUp Make. Once it had downloaded (which took ages, because i"m in a part of the world that has very slow internet!), and tried opening it, I got a message which said the 2016 version for Mac is for OS X 10.9 or later. My OS X is 10.8.2.

I’m not in a position to upgrade my OS, so I looked for an older version of SketchUp Make, which I found here in this thread, and downloaded (which took a-a-a-a-ges!), but when I tried opening it, I got this message:

This is an unlicensed version of SketchUp Pro. You have 8.0 hours remaining in your evaluation. You can enter a new license, run in evaluation mode, or quit.

I don’t want SketchUp Pro! Its not what I downloaded (I downloaded [Mac SketchUp Make 2014]

Please could somebody give me some advice?

Many thanks!

it reverts to make after the 8hrs is up…


Thanks SO MUCH for letting me know, John! You’re a STAR!


Thank you! I almost had to resort to, pardon the pun, sketchy sites for this since my macbook is ancient……

Thank you Lisanne for this !!!

I just have deleted my SU 2014 install file by incident. Thank you for the link.

so the link does not work but if it does not just use the wayback machine