SketchUp Make 2014 French download link for educational


I’m a msi packager working for college to put Sketchup Make in all computer (educational purpose only)
But you withdraw from download the last version who has compatibility with Windows XP
Yes our college have some computer left with Windows XP :wink:

Can you provide a link to download Sketchup Make 2014 french language ?

Thank you in advance :wink:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X v10.7/8/9

non-commercial use only

[update] links adjusted to v2014 [/update]

I was thinking than SketchUp Make 2014 was compatible with Windows XP oh well thanks anyway.
So we gonna use SketchUp Make 2013 for Windows XP :wink:

Thank You ! :wink:

@chocobo - Please use SketchUp Pro 2014, not SketchUp Pro 2013 there were no system requirement changes from SketchUp Pro 2013 to SketchUp Pro 2014 and you’re better off in 2014 (see below).

Understanding the June 1, 2015 changes that affect SketchUp 2013 and SketchUp 8

Resolving issues related to June 1, 2015 changes that affect SketchUp Pro 2013 and SketchUp Pro 8

Here is a link to the hardware and software requirements to run SketchUp Pro: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help

So we need Sketchup Make 2014 french download link for ours schools not Sketchup Make 2014 Pro. :wink:

Can you provide a download link for Sketchup Make 2014 in french ?

Thank You in advance.

Private Message @AlexB or @Lisanne and they will send you the link privately.


download links updated, pls download again.

ORLY :wink:

I’m gonna redraw my mst for this package and make some test under ours computers.
So all gonna be ready for September !
Teachers gonna have choice between SketchUp Make 2014 (Windows XP) and 2015 (Windows 7++)
No more Google Sketchup 8 :wink:

Yeah i saw all problems with this old versions but really thanx “sketch3d_de” and “Lisanne”

Thank you ^-^

I even tested SketchUp Make 2015 in Citrix XenApp 6.5 very slow but ofcourse no OpenGL card :frowning:

running OpenGL-based 3D modelers in a virtualized surrounding is never a good idea and therefore not supported by the system requirements, additionally the SU license agreement declines this type of usage:

1.1. Restrictions
You may not use or host the Software in a virtual server environment.