Where can I find SketchUp Make 2014 "FRENCH" for download


First of all, excuse me for my poor english.
I can’t find a download link to get SketchUp Make 2014 FRENCH.
My computer runs on Windows Vista and can’t use Sketchup Make 2015.

Does anyone know from which link it could be dowloaded.

Thank you.

You can try… by going to the following staff post.

Change the “en” in the Mac download link to “fr” … in two (2) places.

(No guarantees it is still there.)

EDIT The above will not work. The language build numbers are part of the filename for the installers.

@DanRathbun - thank you for pointing me to this request on the forum. EDITED: Private message me or @alex for older (v 2014) versions in other languages.

Thats strange, when I go there there is no link to download ANY language build of SketchUp MAKE 2014 …

… which is why people keep posting requests in the forum.

(And I did do a CTRL-refresh.)

I repeat @Lisanne, your statement is not correct.

(snip… rant removed by author)

Hey all,

I am trying to locate previous SketchUp Make downloads (2014) for other languages. Keep in mind, we do not encourage the download of SU 2013.

@DanRathbun - in the future, please just flag it / let me know.


Agree with that as it uses old Ruby 1.8.x, and it would be nice to get everyone up on Ruby 2.0 at the very least.

Sorry, I’ll remove my little rant.

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Lisanne sent to me the version I wanted.
As she said, private message her to get the right link.

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