Sketchup 2018 FRENCH version (Mac and Windows)

Hello, I need to re-install my Sketchup 2018 PRO version in French for Windows and Mac.
I dont find this version on the Archive Page Download All | Drupal (
Can you help me ? Thanks !!!

Basically, the current version and the previous two versions are supported …

As long as there is nothing else, if its helps, the English and German is here:

Wait a moment…
I keep all installers in a project on Trimble Connect :wink:

link expires in one day…

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Ohhh so thanks for your help :slight_smile:
But it’s no working…I don’t have access or not file…:frowning:

Thanks a lot for this link. I found it to. But there is no French version on board :frowning:
As long is nothing else…but my English is bad…and my German awfull :wink:

Mine too, but just enough to survive … :wink:
(I hope someone else can provide the French version for you )

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Thanks for your help ! I hope so !!

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now, you do


So much thanks for the personal link !! It’s works :=)
I’m so happy ! Thanks you very very much for your help ! I am very grateful to you for taking the time to do this !
Best regards from France :slight_smile:

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