I need a copy of sketchup make 2015

Yeah i know strange request but im volunteering at a school in india and the only computers tha have run old mac OS’s, all i want is a copy of sketchup make 2015 anyone got the install file or know where i can get a reliable version (wary of downloading of cnet etc dont want to crash their computers.

EDIT: the computer runs OSX 10.7 (Lion)

The All Downloads page still has 2015, for Mac and Windows:


If you understand language French, you can see my videos on Sketchup Make 2016 or 2015, it’s almost the same thing.

That only shows Pro back to 2015 it only lists the newest bersion of make

Try this link but be careful, it’s in french (https://www.arch-image.com/2017/04/21/sketchup-2017-ne-sinstalle-causes-solutions/)

non-commercial use only!

License Agreement

SketchUp Make 2015-FR f. Windows 7/8
SketchUp Make 2015-FR f. Mac OS v10.8/9/10

Recent operating systems are not supported by system requirements.

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