Is it possible to download SketchUp 2015 Make?

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I teach a high school course that utilizes SketchUp. I have been using the program since SketchUp 6, and try to keep every computer in my lab on the same version. Currently every computer in my lab, except 1, is using Make 2015. For the sake of uniformity is there any possible way to find the installation file for the 2015 version?

The main reason why I want to stay at 2015 is the extensions we use are currently not working on 2016 (visualizer and sketchyphysics)
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SketchUp Help Center : Downloading older Versions

SU Pro only

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In this special situation, all of the installed machines will have the installers still on them. They’ll be located within the folder hierarchy of the user that installed them. (Likely the Administrator account.)

Look in:
(Or adjust for some other account.)

In that folder you’ll see:
and the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) file:
or something similarly named. (It might have “Make” in the name as well.)

So you’d copy that folder to a thumbdrive, and paste it into the same place on the new computer, then run the setup.exe via right-click and “Run as administrator.”