End User License Agreement for SketchUp Make


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Here is the legal stuff on using our free product, please read the End User License Agreement here: http://www.sketchup.com/license/b/sketchup-make

Hey , can anyone tell me a way that I can download sketchup 8 for my coumputer?

Sorry for hitching on to an old post.
I have a question regarding this piece of the license terms for Sketchup Make:
If you are a for-profit organization of any kind, or an employee of a for-profit organization using the Software or Services in that capacity, you are engaged in commercial activity
I was hoping I could install Sketchup Make on my work computer if I am only going to use it for modeling of my private home and not for any work related stuff. Our IT support wants me to confirm with you that this is OK. Modeling/CAD is not part of my day-to-day work.
Hope you can help.
Stein Ostby


We are not in the position to give specific legal advice, but the general idea is that if you are not using SketchUp for commercial purposes, then you are free to use Make.


If you’re modeling your home at work, SketchUp seams to be the smaller problem? :wink: