Need Sketch Pro 14 for my Laptop

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Im looking to get 14 pro. Anything after that doesnt perform consistently. I have been using Sketchup since the initial Sketchup Product!

I found a link for SketchUp 2014 Make but not for Pro. If you need Pro because you’re using it commercially, you might try contacting SketchUp’s Sales department directly.

Keep in mind that Trimble is unlikely to sell you a license for 2014 Pro even if you find it to download because it hasn’t been supported for a number of years. In addition, some features–3D Warehouse, Add Location, etc. will not work in the old versions.

I stumbled across in on LINUX offered in the CROSSOVER software for running Windows apps in LINUX.

Thank you. Im an Architect and really need Pro Be glad to buy a used one with a key as well.


What is it about versions after SketchUp 2014 that you say it doesn’t perform well? If it’s your old computer that is the problem, maybe you should update that first. Consider it part of the cost of doing business.

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You can download the Make 14 version and install the license. It will become Pro

If you can let me know enough about who you are, I can find your SketchUp license. You can click on my avatar and use the Message feature if you want to keep your name and email private.

Greg Thorn

Commercial and residential Architect for 35 years. Been using my original Sketchup 8

but it no longer is on my computer because I got a bad virus (new hard drive) and had to get a new laptop because the plug to it ( the female Port on the computer-) died.

I need it for a large residence with a goofy angle,

cant do it without an accurate .Dwg from Autocad. It also saves a ton of time in everyday usage. Ive been using Sketchup since somewhere around 2004.

Appreciate it if you have any ideas. Thanks.

God Bless.

Greg Thorn


Please edit your post and remove your name, e-mail address and phone number.

With a new laptop, it’s time to update to the current version of SketchUp which is SketchUp 2019.

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I think the Private Message part didn’t work out.

I have his SketchUp 8 license, and don’t think it’ worth the trouble it work take to go up to 2014 (only two versions later0.

Hopefully can get it working for SketchUp 8.

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Quick follow up, resurrecting the old SketchUp 8 license has solved the problem for now.