Where can I download sketchup make 2014?

Does anybody know where on the sketchup site you can download sketchup make 2014? The new version doesn’t work with vista and I don’t have a copy of the old installation file. I don’t really want to use the freeware sites as there’s the risk of malware. Thanks.

Check Here:

Old versions


Thanks Shep. Sadly they only offer Pro Versions, for which I don’t have a licence. I need the version for Sketchup Make 2014 if possible. :slight_smile:

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I would guess that 2014 Pro would revert to Make after the trial period.
Curiously, the link to Ver. 8 was removed in the time it took to reply to your first message.


I thought that too, and installed it, but it just said my trial period had finished and the license had expired. It wouldn’t let me open the program. I dropped a line to customer services to see if they could help. Nothing back from them yet.


The last version of Pro that reverted to Make functionality when a license was unavailable was version 7. It was handy for network license users when the maximum user count was exceeded or when modelling or presenting out of office.


Thank you Anssi. Much appreciated.