2014 Sketchup for XP Computer trial?


Hello, I downloaded 2014 Sketchup because I’m still using XP, it was my understanding that this was a free product for the little guy like myself, was I wrong. Anyways, after just two days or so, the license expired and now I can finish my drawing I was doing. It is an excellent product, but just for home DIY stuff, its way to expensive to buy a license. Any help would be appreciated.

I need help please

The make wouldn’t work on my XP computer it said, needed Win 7 or newer


I found the older versions via search and used the 14 version


Hey @tinuhceefan we do not support XP but 2014 works with XP. Let me know if you need a 2014 Make download but it seems you got one.



I found one, used it, and it expired and now I can’t get back into the program to continue the design, if it all worked, i would n’t be here asking for some assistance, this is the link I used to download what I got http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/60107 ,


it expired after only two days or so, how do I get it going again or what


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Ty, will try this and see what happens


Excellent, thank you so much