Where do I find EW.lic on my Macbook Air?

I just got a MacBook Air and have installed SketchUp on it and wanted to test my extensions on it using my developer licenses. But I can’t find the EW.lic file on my Mac. Where might it be? It isn’t where my extension developer page says, namely library/application support/SketchUp 2018 The SketchUp 2018 directory simply isn’t there and when I add it SketchUP doesn’t find it.

Any help appreciated.

Two possible causes:

  1. Make sure you are looking at ~/LIbrary (your personal folder - ~ is standard shorthand for /Users/yourname) not /Library (the system-level folder). ~/Library is hidden by default in Finder.

  2. Check your capitalization. macOS is case-insensitive but case-preserving, which means that the path you gave will not match the correct path

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018

Has the bug preventing extension developers from having extension licenses been fixed :open_mouth: ?

Regarding the file I suspect it is generated when SketchUp first writes to it, rather than an empty file being generated on install.

I just can’t find it. I put SketchUp into the applications folder as suggested by my Mac at install, maybe that was a mistake.

I downloaded and installed a free extension just to see if that would help maybe create the ew.lic file but no luck.

I’m a a bit at sea with it.

yes, you can generate a license for your own extension. It works great on my pc but I just can’t find the ew.lic file on my new Mac

You get the license text from the extension warehouse edit page for your extension.

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This is good news! Last thing I heard was that anyone signed up as a vendor was unable to use extension licenses because of some strange bug. When I last tried generating a license I still couldn’t use it.

I haven’t had a problem with it. Sorry for you.

reveal in Finder…


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that’s perfect. exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. The Mac is a bit different, I’m learning. I quite like it though.

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