Activation_info.txt 2021? No SketchUp folder in Application Support

Hi even after installing manually there is no SketchUp folder created in /Library/Application Support on MacOSX 10.15. I am trying to distribute Activation_info.txt as described here Administering a Network License | SketchUp Help
Should I just create this folder?

Note that the page applies to Classic network licenses in versions 2020 and older. Subscription licenses work differently - essentially, every user must have a Trimble Account, and a license assigned to them in the license management portal.

In the Classic network licensing system, the folder and text file appear only after you have applied your license to the installed SketchUp.

Thanks for the reply Anssi,
These are Classic licenses not subscription. Installed and put in the classic details and no SketchUp folder in the Library/Application support. There is however one in the users/Library/Application support. Not a lot of good for me. I need to activate on 150 Macs for all users of the machine.

Just create one.