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I have found a bug in Sketchup license system. Problem is with my user name “Paweł K.”, especially with Polish letter “ł”. I had a lot of problems with lost extensions licenses and I have found that EW.lic file has more than 1GB (also because of that Sketchup was starting in more than minute ;/).
I deleted it and uninstall all paid extensions. Then I started to install them once again. Everything was working. But after installing second that first stopped to work (no license).
And in .lic file I have found something like that:
LICENSE trmbldg…
… customer=“Paweł K.”…
LICENSE trmbldg …
… customer=“PaweÃÂ
‚ K.” …
LICENSE trmbldg …
… customer=“PaweÃ
‚ K.” …
LICENSE trmbldg …
… customer=“Paweł K.” …

With that file only first extension is working correct. After installing new extensions, licenses of previous in file were “destroyed”. I corrected that letters in file and it’s working now but I don’t know if Sketchup will override it someday.


Where is this licensing file stored? I have never managed to get any license, trial or purchased, to be acknowledged by SketchUp.

Regarding your problem it looks as if the file is loaded using one character encoding and written using another, causing the content to drift more and more away from the original each time it is rewritten.


Can I get some more information here. I’m attempting to create an environment to validate this.

What username? OS username? Google account?

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