Where can I get SketchUp for iPad?

Where can I get SketchUp for iPad?
I hear people talking about using it… And I have signed up for the beta… I have never received any links to download the app.

Does the app exist? Where do I get it?


Zargon in NC

It’s released now in the Apple App store. Use the App store App on your iPad to download it, and then since you have a Pro subscription already, you will need to log in to launch it.

. Thanks I Just went there & got it! :smiley:

Thanks Robert right after I posted my query I saw the notification that it had been posted to the App Store.

Got it download it and I’ve been playing with it looks like it’s going to be lots of fun!

Great. A lot of first comments on it are what features are missing compared to desktop, but one feature exclusive to iPad is Markup, so be sure to check that out. Not only can you scribble on a view (scene), by projecting it onto your model, it’s the closest we’ve come to having anything like ZBrush directly inside SketchUp.

Good afternoon! Is there no app for ipad in Russia? The app store does not have this program.

After Russians go home from Ukraine and stops bombing children, maybe.


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