Please help! It won't download on my IPad

Can someone please walk me through it? When I hit the download button, afterwards it asks me what I want to open Sketch with…???

I have a 3D document I have to see, please help, I’m pulling my hair out!


Angela in London

Have you installed the SketchUp Viewer App on your iPad? If not, install it.

After it’s installed, you’ll have an answer to the “What app do you want me to open this with?” question

Thanks…but it’s $9.99…no way around that? I thought there was a 30 day trial?


30 day trial is for SketchUp pro on PC or Mac.

If you have to see the SketchUp file on your iPad as desperately as you indicate, you’ll have to get the mobile viewer.

As @DaveR says, the free trial is for SketchUp Pro. There is no free for the mobile viewers.

If you really have to do it on the cheap, and don’t need interactivity, then you could take a series of screen captures, save them to .pdf or an image style and download them. To give the slight appearance of interactivity, you could make a slideshow using Google Slides, install the Google Slides iPad App, and use it to be able to easily go from one snapshot to another in your slideshow.

Way above my capabilities! I’ll just buy the app, I guess. I don’t need to interact with it, just see it.

So once I have the app on my iPad anytime I click on a 3D file, it’ll open up right away?

And, hey, thanks so much you guys!!:blush:

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I’m not familiar enough with the iPad, nor the iOs world to say whether or not it will be as simple as clicking on it. I long ago had an iPad, and I don’t recall an easy way to give what (to the iPad) is a relatively unknown file a clickable icon on the screen. Other iPad apps have a built in file browser. Worst case? You have to open the app, then open your model.

All of this is predicated on the assumption that the 3D model you want to display is a SketchUp model! :wink:

Oy vey! Thanks…