Where can I find the crash log file?

Hi, is there a crash log file? I would like to understand WHY SketchUp crashes. Thanks

I don’t want to make another thread on this and have had no luck with search either.

Could anyone detail the location of the bugsplat reports on MacOS (10.13)? I would like to read the logs to determine why my version of SketchUp Pro 2018 is crashing. As I don’t appear to have the option to copy it from the popup as some older threads mention.


I’ve seen these files somewhere on Windows but can’t remember where or how I got there. I’d suspect they are in the system temp directory though.

I don’t know about Windows. On a Mac, they are in


They can also be viewed from the Console App (not the SketchUp Ruby Console) in the User Reports topic.

The reports are stack traces of each thread at the time of the crash. As such, they are highly technical and not likely to be of much use to anyone except one of the SketchUp developers. But browse away if you are curious!

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PM an email or something notable in crash comments and I could look at them.


Following up:
I found SketchUp.log files when I enter %temp% in File Explorer.


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