Is there any event log for SketchUp

Is there any event log for SketchUp.
please advise. thanks

There is, but it doesn’t give very much information. It might be in the %LocalAppData% TEMP folder.

It is more usual for extensions to use the various observer classes of the API.

P.S. - There was no SketchUp version 9. It went from v8 to v2013 when they switched to yearly versions.

What logging information are you looking for?

srry, couldn’t resist…

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In File Explorer, type %temp%

That will give you the folder where SketchUp stores its log. The file will be there while SketchUp is open, and normally is deleted when SketchUp closes. If you get a crash the log can be useful, in that you see the last action, that may be what triggered the crash.