Where are my saved models?

Hey team, i saved my house plans to the location it defaults to “this PC/downloads”.
There is now a file folder there with the plans title and a microsoft edge file with the same name but there are no SKP files anywhere that I can see. I’ve tried opening all kinds of options within the file folder without success.

I must confess, im starting to regret upgrading my laptop and reinstalling sketchup at this point.

I’m using Windows 10 if that helps.


Hello, if you are using SketchUp for web, your files would be saved “on the cloud”, not on your hard drive (unless you download them)

You must have saved (somehow) the webpage instead of the model itself. Go back to SketchUp for web in your browser and look for those numbered icons

Number 1 will let you open models that have been saved on your account, and once opened this very same menu allows you to download the model (which is not necessary unless you want to share it)

Thanks for the quick reply, no dice im afraid. That file seems to have dissappeared into the ether. Glad I bothered saving every now again over the last three hours. If this is how the program saves by default may I suggest its a bug that requires address.
I’ve done a test save via the menu which worked - it appears as though the old CTRL-S from past versions is no longer a thing :frowning:
Currently toying with finding an older version somewhere to be frank - always having to be online isn’t practical for some of us.

Ctrl s won’t have any effect in SketchUp for web indeed.
I’m not fond of the online version either
You can still download SketchUp make 2017 over there :

What is inside the folder that had the same name?

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