Past saved files are gone. Where can I look for them?

I’ve been using the Sketchup Free for a month now, using it just about every day. (I’m working on a home remodel project.) I’ve saved several iterations of the project during the past month. but when launching the app tonight, it didn’t show any of the saved files. They were all saved in the web as seems to be the only option with the program. I hope I can recover them, as I’ve pit in many many hours of work. I’ve had no other issues with the app so this is an unpleasant surprise.

Nearly every time this sort of thing is reported, it turns out that the user has signed in with a different e-mail address. Make sure you are using the correct one.

You can download the files to your local computer if you want but the normal save location is in the cloud.

Thanks Dave. That occurred to me, but I’m quite certain hadn’t signed in with anything else.
(Typical sequence is
launch Chrome >
click on Sketchup icon,

…and I’m working. Why did it not follow this pattern this time?

Any other search suggestions? I’ve tried other username/password options to log in with but they all lead me to a screen asking me to sign up.

And just like that… it’s back.

I went and tried logging in again. I didn’t change any login info, but all my files returned… and I’m feeling much relief now!
Next step is to save an “unclouded” file! :wink:

I’m going to say you weren’t holding your tongue right before. Or it had to do with the alignment of two very distant stars that aren’t visible to the naked eye. :smiley:

So are you remodeling your house? Do you get to do the remodeling work yourself?

Dave… Yes! We’re doing a remodel on our home to expand the master bathroom and closet, and improve the appearance on this side of the house.
I’m using the program to assist with visualizing the options we’re considering. I started by building a model of the house “as is”, then I’ve been working different ideas to see how they affect the useable space and the visual aesthetic of the design.
In the attached rendering, the existing exterior wall is where the arched double doors appear. The remodel will include everything forward of that wall: the balcony, the arches below, and the additional enclosed space to the left. (Bathroom and closet expansion upstairs, utility room downstairs.)
Once we get our ideas together, we’ll take it to an architect/plan designer who can work out all of the structural engineering and then bring in a contractor to do the build.

Another view of the project, plus a cutaway showing the interior changes (Green showing new walls, red showing walls removed/modified.)


Excellent work! Being able to see it in 3D like that is certainly useful isn’t it?

It’s essential to view your pooping area before it’s constructed! In all seriousness, I love seeing people wander into this world and discover all the cool things they can make/see with it. I really like your house, and hope you keep having fun!

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