When trying to use the Smoove Tool, it always selects the entire grid instead of the few boxes I've selected


I’ve exploded the grid I made with the From Scratch Tool, but when I try and select a few boxes to Smoove the Smoove Tool always selects the entire grid and just moves the whole thing up and down. What am I missing?


When starting with the ‘Smoove’ tool on basic geometry (not on group or component, unless in editing context) you’ll see the applied radius in ‘Measurents’ field. Type your desired new radius and hit [Enter].

The radius works on/from the end- or midpoint that you hover over. Or from preselected edges.
So you can select a series of edgse, (not necessarily connected) and apply the ‘Smoove’ tool over a radius distance from all these edges.

The ‘Smoove’ tool also works on edges in directions perpendicular to adjaced faces (so not vertical) when holding down [Shift] before and while using the tool.


hello. im having this same challenge. how did u resolve?


You can adjust the size of the From Scratch grid and the Smoove radius by typing in the sizes you want and hitting enter to confirm the change.
If you watch here you can see the numbers in the measure box change as I type.
You don’t need to click in the box, just select the tool, type what you want and hit enter.