When resizing viewports see all of the model...see rest of model to know how far to resize viewport!

Maybe I am missing something but… this would just make sense and save a bunch of clicking

For example

If I change the scene within a viewport that then doesn’t fit, I need to resize the viewport… when I click and drag the viewport I can only see the original size and therefore have no idea how far to drag the side of my viewport

Would it be possible to make all visible geometry appear as you resize instead of having to stop and let go to see how far you have gotten …

I’ve tried templates but all my jobs are one offs and templates create as much work as they save…

The only way to do that is to uncheck “preserve scale on resize” to view the entire scene saved. But that just turns into more work. Resizing viewports for things like plans, elevations and sections simply becomes part of the process for now.

It would be a pretty cool feature though if there was some type of dialogue box that gives you a thumbnail of the scene so you could accurately size your view port once.

I was thinking the model is obviously there and the viewport must be in reality just a clipping mask…and if you double click a clipping mask the model appears as per my feature request…!! So shouldn’t be too hard to implement…

What would be also useful would be a right click option to “fit viewport to model keeping scale” like a zoom extent where the viewport moves not the model…

Sometimes to fit in a drawing instead of using the clipping mask it would be great to have a right click option to fit viewport to model outline keeping scale…a bit like the quick selection tool result in photo shop.

I think this is an optimization thing. The viewport content isn’t redrawn until you finish scaling, and while scaling you can get white “bars” on the sides where nothing has been drawn. Maybe LayOut could keep a larger view cached under the hood to allow for a better preview. It wouldn’t need to be at full resolution, but just something to give you a sense of how much will be visible already when resizing.

They could draw the drawing outside the viewport ghosted.

However one time I did have an issue, that I did draw in SU, by accident ( actually with Ruby code ), a line very very far in the Universe. My VP did get lost in space, so that will never get shown in LO even with an A0 page on 10%.

Anyway, I hope this will come very soon.

LayOut wouldn’t even have to display a ghosted view outside the viewport. Just getting rid of these white bars and have upsizing look somewhat consistent to downsizing would be enough to me.

If I understand what you are saying, It would be as if you resized something bigger and then don’t know if you need to drag up/down/left/right to get the view you want within the viewport. It’s a guess and check and usually it’s the last one you try. This is what I’ve noticed helps. (I think RLGL is trying to show similar)

If you simply put a dimension on your model before resizing, once you resize it, the dimension kinda sticks to where the model is. So if resizing the viewport made the model portion to the right side of the existing size viewport, you wouldn’t see the model, but you’d see the dimension in layout that helps you know I need to drag to resize my viewport to the right. Then the dimension can be deleted if not needed.

Hopefully this is easy to follow in words. I have never made one of those animated gifs, but can try at some point if this isn’t clear.

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