When import dwg hangs at 99%


Thanks Dan here is the file. FYI I am pretty good with SketchUp but clueless with Cad


That is unfortunate. CAD files need to be prepared for import into SketchUp. (Links mentioned earlier.) You may need to pay someone to do the preparation for you. (I do not do this, as I no longer have 3D capable AutoCAD. Only 2D freeware clones.)

Re: The unsuccessful file posting, … 17MB might be too large for the forum. You might use dropbox, or some other web file sharing service, or post the link where you originally got the file (if it’s not proprietary.)


Ok Tkanks




i have the same problem
i export the file from rivet to dwg
When import dwg hangs at 99%
this is the file link


How long did you wait at that 99% progress bar indication? As Geo mentioned much earlier in this topic, the dwg importer’s progress bar is very misleading because it only indicates progress in reading the file. It fails to indicate progress with converting the file contents into a SketchUp model. The conversion step often takes much longer than the read - as in many minutes or even hours. It’s behaved that way since many versions ago in SU, but so far as I know nobody from the development team has ever discussed what it is doing during that last “1%” or why it takes so long.


The file hosting service you are using seems to be dubious



Not user but in the option deselect model validation and you get what you get:slight_smile: