DWG importing issues


Hello every one, i was wondering if anyone could work out why my DWG file is taking so long to upload…

Any help would be apreciated :slight_smile:


PQ4-29-710 3D.dwg (2.7 MB)

This is one of the files I’m trying to upload, it also happens to smaller files…


I wrote an answer and was going to upload a SKP file I made from your DWG, but that wouldn’t ever finish uploading. I’ve read other messages today about the servers being slow, perhaps that’s affecting the forum too?


Maybe, my issue has been happening for a week or so now though…


I’m confused. Are you seeing slow import of the file into SketchUp or slow upload of the file to this forum?


My first answer was on the assumption it was an import problem, and indeed it did take several minutes to import the DWG. But then when I tried to upload it here, the uploading was never ending.

I still think it might have been an import question, and the slow upload here is a coincidence.


Need to clarify, Upload or import or export.


Hi all, its an importing issue to sketchup took me over an hour yesterday!


7 mins. with SUP 2016 x64 f. Win using a i7-4790 and import options “Merge Coplanar Faces” as well as “Orient Faces Consistently” active (unit: mm).

the 970 ACIS solids according to the import report obviously do need some time to be converted to facetted meshes.


Similar time (7 minutes) on my MacBook Pro.


Leon, if you’ll pardon my mentioning it, a lot of time seems to have been wasted in this thread on language.

Obviously, choice of words matters, so to clarify the matter of upload/download versus import/export, please be aware that upload/download refers to file transfers between a local and a remote computer. A transfer from remote to local is termed “download,” whereas from local to remote is termed “upload.”

Import/Export refers to the transfer of data in a file format not native to the current application. Reading in data in a non-native format is “importing.” Writing data in a non-native format is “exporting.”

There are inherent issues with importing CAD data into SU; many CAD data elements are not supported by SU (which is to say there is no corresponding SU entity). So when you try to import a huge file full of unsupported elements, you can expect a lot of processing and little to show for it. This seems to be at the heart of your problem.

There are guidelines in the SU Help Center on how to prepare CAD data files for import into SU to allow the greatest speed and efficiency in the process. Please see the following article: Importing and Exporting CAD Files.



One thing wrong in what you said is the “little to show for it” part. His DWG does import, and looks good. I think it just takes a long time because it has over 900 3D objects in it.


Thank you all for the advice i now have everything set up and running perfect making beautiful designs for customers!

However i now have another issue, i have brought a 3d mouse (spacemouse wireless) but when i open sketchup it doesnt work, im not sure if i need a extension or… I have another thread open if someone could offer some advice, it would be much apreciated :slight_smile:


A 3D mouse requires a SketchUp-specific driver from the manufacturer and appropriate configuration. I suggest you contact them.


Thanks for the advice, its very frustrating. Contact sketchup or 3dconnexion?


3DConnection. They supply the software to make their devices work with SketchUp.


Resolved, had to re-install the software provided and for some bizarre reason it is now working!