When I use the finder in the open dialog to search in Layout, layout files are indentified as Keynote Files

When I use the finder in the open dialog to search in Layout, layout files are indentified as Keynote Files.

Anyone know why?

Just reinstalled the OS clean.

I’m not a “Mac man” but my quick search ended up with this article about changing file association on Mac:

I have had the same thing happen with MainStage. It seems that .layout is a valid MainStage document type, and apparently a Keynote one as well.

The article dezmo linked to will solve the problem for LayOut.


Thanks, I am well aware of the info palate.

There are other irregularities with the finder and Layout.

When I use the finder dialog box inside Layout and I search for Layout files, many times the Layout files are greyed out and CANNOT be opened.

I have observed this behavior for years and this is a mac with a fresh install of 12.6. I wiped it clean.

Any ideas?

I know you’ve said this has been happening for a long time, but I think those they are greyed out because finder/keynote can’t read those as Keynote file - I’d try fixing that first.

There are other reasons for being greyed out can also means they are locked/syncing by the OS or that they are hidden files.


It’s not for me to fix. There’s a bug in the program. Layout has consistently had issues when opening files through dialogue boxes.

nope, it’s your job.

When you install a program, it send a list of all the files it can open to the OS.
apparently Keynote has sent the info to the OS it can open Layout files. And so it has taken the priority.

If you have to be angry at anyone, it is at Keynote.

If you do the method in the video above, it’ll tell the OS to open layout files with layout. let me explain it here :

  • select a layout file, right click on it, ask for more informations.
  • at the bottom of the info window, you’ll have an “open with” section. here, select layout.
  • then, immediately after, just under this choice, you can press the “modify all” button.

Then, and only then, will your OS recognise that layout files are to be natively open with layout. And it should resolve the issue you have. Because right now, Mac OS thinks your .layout files are not from Layout.

and it’s not layout’s fault. it’s mac OS’s it’s all the developers who uses this extension without checking if it’s available.

Its not MacOS fault, nor Layout and nor Keynote.
Those companies did choose the extension, and choose the same extension name. In the past the developer could add a hidden key to specify the app. But to keep the app’s more open they did limit this; thats the reason that you can open f.e a RTF or a TXT file open with different applications.

So, to choose for this to open with a default app, you have to change that. Its there for a reason, so you can change it to your needs.

Has nothing to do with MacOS; from Rhapsody, the first MacOS X ( btw even under System 6 ) it was there and you could/have change it for your needs.

There are app’s, and maybe someone did use one of them, that will change them for you in a dialog, preference or not, and you didn’t know or remember.


my bad, you’re right. a lot of apps might try to open .layout files

Funny enough, they list many software, but not… Layout by Trimble.
(their solution is, however, the same one we’ve been advocating in this thread. Open as, and then choose Layout as the default app)

I don’t understand all the fuss about this. This also happens with Windows at times. It is all about file association, something in a program gives the OS the wrong information. Usually, it is easy to change the file association. When this happens the incorrect association is from the program listed to open the file. In this case, it is keynote that is the culprit.