Layout files are being opened by Adobe Premere and then blocked

When I try to open my Layout files Adobe Premiere Pro pops up and says “System Compatability Report” NVIDIA GeForce GTX … “unsupported Video Driver” Clicking on “FIX” pulls up a series of complicated instructions. What is going on? This is a new problem. Up till now, I have had no problems opening Layout files. How do I fix this? What is the extension for LayOut files?? HOW DO i REASSOCIATE THE PROPER EXTENSION WITH MY LayOut files???

LayOut files have the extension .layout

Rightclick on one of them and choose ‘Open with’ then choose the right LayOut app.(latest installed version)

Search for ‘Standard Apps’ in the Windows searchbox on the bottom left of your screen and set it for .layout files

Mike, thank you for the quick and effective response. I used it and it worked. I had contacted Adobe support late last night the tech took over my computer to verify the problem and mistakenly associated the .layout file with the SketchUp app and when that didn’t work thought it was a SketchUp problem. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem where out of the blue Adobe apps are changing file associations?

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