Save file in 2015 Layout


When I save a file in Layout 2015, and want to open it again, it tries to open it with Layout 2014, so it will not open.


If you open Layout 2014 and close it, before you close Layout 2015, the registry gets set to open “.layout” files with Layout 2014.

The apps are fighting over the “.layout” file association.

The next time you close Layout 2015 the “.layout” file association will get reset to open in Layout 2015.

You can also right-click and choose which specific Layout installation to open the layout file with, from the mouse context menu.


Thank you,

I’ve taken the 2014 Layout program out of my PC and then opened 2015 and now the files are opened with 2015. I’ve put 2014 back in the PC and now it is opening files with 2015. I’ve tried to open 2014 and 2015 at the sama time, but was not able, this is why I’ve taken 2014 out of the PC.

Thank you for the option.