When I print some scenes lose color?


Having upgraded to SU 2018 running MacOS High Sierra I’m having trouble with some pages in Layout not printing full colour. It’s usually the first page that is fully or partly pastel. The rest of the pages are print fine even if it is the identical drawing. This wasn’t happening when I first upgraded but now is a permanent bug.

It seems that I no longer have the direct function to print directly to a PDF without this happening. Sometimes I can get around it by exporting the drawing and playing around with the export options but this does not always work. Other times I shut down and on restart it will export full colour on all pages.


Hi Tom

It is identical to my experience, and very precisely described!

I hope for a solution to this soon …

Best regards

Lone P


I have this same issue the last couple of weeks now that our IT guy has updated my OS to 10.13.6
I am using iMac Retina 5k, 27-inch, Late 2015.

Any closer to a fix for this?

Same issue when printing and saving PDF. Random pages appear pastel / Ghosted.
Changing settings in PDF export Sometimes fixes the problem, sometimes not. Sometimes closing and re opening Layout app fixes it, Sometimes not.
PDF workaround is V frustrating, and only partially successful.
This issue is robbing time from my busy work schedule every day when I have to print drawings for our workshop.

Please fix soon.



Thanks for the tip Mike.
I changed the scene to a different one, then re loaded the scene I wanted.
This fixed the Ghosting temporarily. I printed the page OK.

I tried to print the same page again 5 minutes later without clicking anything on the page: it is ghosted again.

I am using this software in a business production role, with time critical deadlines.
This is a time consuming, annoying, unnecessary workaround.

It is not a “Fix” for the problem.

I see that this problem was first posted here 22 weeks ago. Is anybody working on this?



Thank you for bringing the subject up again - I was nearly giving up on it…
I also still use different workarounds, which is annoying.
Hope to see a solution soon?


Stil waiting for a solution for the loosing color (PDF and print) in LayOut … ?


Yes same here! I’m not sure if its getting worse or if my patience is running out trying options for a decent print.
Before it was an easy workflow to get ideas out - printing to PDF and email. Now at times I am having to export in high resolution which results in big file size and so I have to upload to dropbox to share with clients. It would be good to see a solution to this as soon as possible.


For me it don’t work even if I try to export a high resolution PDF. I try to duplicate the pages with the pastel colors trouble, and randomly it fix it. But it’s so boring.


Upgraded Mac to Mojave 10.14.1
Pages containing raster images still ghosted and pale when printing.

No response from Sketchup?