When exporting 2D graphic

I have model done on Make 2016, I am now using Make 2017. When I try to export 2D graphic, the view is balnk.

Which image format are you selecting to do the export? Perhaps try a different format (even if you don’t really want that other format) to see if it produces a different result. There might be an issue with the computer’s graphics driver. If I recall correctly, SketchUp 2017 included a major internal change to the graphics (drawing) pipeline to rely more heavily on the system’s graphics driver.

When I used 2016, I exported as jpeg then converted to pdf.

If you are trying to export to JPEG with SketchUp Make 2017 (and the resulting images are blank), try exporting to PNG instead as an experiment. (I think that 2017 supported PNG; if not, pick another format.)

Your forum profile does not indicate what kind of graphics hardware is in your computer. Another experiment is to determine what kind of graphics you have, then go to that manufacturer’s web site (not to any of Microsoft’s sites) and see what is the newest driver compatible with your system. Install that driver, reboot, and see how SketchUp behaves.

Share the .skp file so we can take a look and see if there’s anything related to the model.

@TDahl is probably on the right track regarding your graphics card, though.

Corrected Drawing.skp (7.3 MB)
Here is the model I am working with, it was done in 2016 Make and now trying to use 2017.

When I open your model and run Print Preview I see this:

Have you looked into updating the graphics drivers?

By the way, I notice you are using Layers (now called tags) incorrectly. Layer 0 should always be the active and other layers only given to objects like groups, components, and dimensions. This is the result of fixing the incorrect layer/tag usage.
Screenshot - 11_5_2021 , 7_04_03 AM

I also see you have many duplicates of several materials. That just makes model management more difficult and adds bloat to your file.

After cleanup the materials list looks like this.
Screenshot - 11_5_2021 , 7_18_44 AM

Lots of reversed faces that should be correct. No blue back faces should be visible.

Out of curiosity, is this your house?

It’s an addition at work. Most of what I have learn has been trial & error, as you can tell.