When double clicking on a sketchup file to open it opens 'untitled' and blank

When double clicking on a sketchup file to open, it opens ‘untitled’ and blank. I then have to go File>open to open anything i’ve been working on in sketchup.
I have sketchup as my default app and even trying ‘open with’ it still will open it ‘untitled’ and blank!

Any thought on how to fix this?

  • Close SketchUp.
  • Make sure no other instance of SketchUp is running. (Perhaps restart your computer)
  • Find your downloaded installer file - (or download a fresh copy from here: Product Download Confirmation | SketchUp ) - right click on that installer file and chose Run as administrator.
  • When prompted chose Repair. Let the repair finishes.
  • Restart your computer.
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Thanks for getting back

I have tried Run as administrator and restarted my computer but still it is opening as a blank ‘untitled’ file…??

Share the SketchUp file you’re double clicking on so we can see if there’s something associated with that file.

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Sorted! I re-downloaded the 2022 version again and it seems to have done the trick!
Thank you