When did Layout become a dumpster fire of stability issues?

0%, Correct.

  1. Extra clicks: correct.
  2. True.
  3. True.
  4. True.

I need to get in the habit of prefacing statements like this with “I’ve heard your request and we’ll discuss it, file a ticket, prioritize it and put it on the list for the product. In the mean time, here’s a not-perfect workaround that you probably know but others who read this may not…”

Noted, and thanks for the feedback.


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Oh, and another one that you likely know but newer users may not: there’s a nice “Sample Style” tool, that if you design like @DaveR suggests and put your labels on their own layer, you can do this in one fell swoop:

  1. Right (PC) / Control (Mac) click on your label layer in the Layers panel and click on “Select Entities”.
  2. Type s to enable Sample Style.
  3. Click on the label with 0% opacity leader lines (that’s not on the labels layer).
  4. Voila / Bob’s your uncle: all your labels are now 0% opacity leader lines.

This does not work with dimensions though in 2024…

Nor does it work with leaders…

Been meaning to file a bug report for this… macOS Sonoma. LO 24.0.554

Ahaha. I think eventually most users will get there too, but will also bang their heads against it, scratch their head, and think there must be another way to do it.


Your steps vary slightly from @Barry. Try making your selection first, then using s to temporarily enable the sample style tool rather than changing to it from the toolbar. That should apply the style to all selected items.


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What you don’t have is a way to select all leaders in the drawing and send them to the leader layer.

I will get you in every corner Barry. There’s no escape.

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Would you find it useful to have a set of menu items to “Select all <EntityType> on page”? What would your expectation be if some of that entity are at the root level and others are contained within groups? See the behavior of the Select All command when you are at the root level vs when you are editing a group to see why I ask that question.



I’d like to have that.

Maybe a select all dimensions on the dimensions panel. Select all texts and all leaders on the leaders panel, viewports on the model’s panel and so on. I don’t believe we have panels for all entities though.
Maybe something like a select toolbar.
Maybe something like Thomthom’s selection toys plugin.

I understand the question about groups.

In some contexts I’d like to ignore groups, in some contexts I’d definetely like to ignore them.

Another application has implemented this by modifying the ctrl-a function so that the tool you have selected determines the selection filter: with the label tool, it selects all labels, etc.

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We have a “select all dimensions” and “update selected dimensions” in SketchUp through model info, which works well for effecting quick global changes. Something similar in Layout would be welcome, especially if it could be applied to other kinds of entities as well.

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We are in the weeds a bit here but while we are at it. I wish the sample/paste style dropper covered the leader type (curved) for lables. It will paste the font and colors and other attributes but sampling a label with a curved leader and applying that style to another does not change the leader style. Something to discuss at your next meeting. :+1:

We’re definitely in the weeds, and I’ll post something from my discussions with @garzonetto on where we’re at from thread 1. We appreciate the feedback, but don’t be afraid to start your own thread, no matter how small you think the issue is. Just try to be a little gentler in the title: those who help out a lot here grow weary of people who join the forums for one particular “mic drop” post, then leave without investing time & effort to solve their own problem. That wasn’t the case with @garzonetto (even though he joined recently, a long time user), which is why we kept this thread going.

This kind of threads usually turn out to be very useful, even if not for the OP.

Thank you, that works. Unintuitive, but it works…

I was away from LayOut for a few years, and I had a bug report ready before I realized that you have to select the objects you want to change before sampling. But trust me, it was written that way by the guy who invented SketchUp, so that’s how he intended it.