When did Layout become a dumpster fire of stability issues?

It seems like Layout is the red-headed, black sheep stepchild of the Trimble offerings. It seems to get more unstable in every update. Plus it seems to lose features. I think the “render” options are an admission by Trimble that the app can’t update on its own.

Remember when you could select multiple instances of a drawing on a page and change the tags on all of them at once? This kept all your models the same easily. Now, you have to do each individually.

Obviously, Layout has always been trash as a text editor…

But now, anytime I change a style, an output, or any change in Layout, it hangs up. Layout used to be THE reason to still use SketchUp. You could easily make documents from models. Now, it is the bottleneck in my workflow.

Is it just me, or is everyone experiencing this? Is there a magical fix? Will Trimble ever empower Layout to be a great program? Can they at least make it stable? Or, is it time to move on to a ground-up parametric modeling software…


When did Layout become a dumpster fire of stability issues?

pretty sure it was a Tuesday. :upside_down_face:


Not my experience Garzonetto – and I rely on Layout for putting food on the table for my family.

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Agree with Dave and Paul.

ditto. generally no problems overall. although, the text editing still sucks, but if you do your editing in a word processor program (spell, grammar, bold, italics, underline etc etc), use a spreadhsheet for tables, and copy and paste it ,or import, into the document, things are much faster and happier :slight_smile:

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I agree with you. There are multiple issues that pile up and make the app unreliable to use. Then to overcome the performance problems, there was certainly the rewriting of the management of the graphic display, but also compromises with losses of ergonomics for the user, such as no longer seeing what we move, an update of references which is no longer automatic…etc…

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Therein is the problem. It’s no longer efficient for real workflows. You know- work- the thing I do to put food on the family table (does that now make my opinion valid?). It has only become less stable since Trimble bought SketchUp from Google. And as a side nitpick, I can’t think of any increased functionality it has gained in at least 10 years. Surely, it has—hopefully. But I can’t think of one thing—unless you count ambient occlusion. Maybe it’s been so slow many haven’t noticed, but every year, it becomes more difficult. Every year, alternatives become better. No, It’s not my workstation, either.


Maybe your workflow is wrong. Have you thought about it?
Layout and SketchUp have improved a lot with 2024 version.

Good luck finding an better alternative to SketchUp/Layout – they do appear to exist it would seem – in the meantime I’ve got to get on with my pretend work.

Yeah- my files must be poorly made.

Yeah, me, too.

My workflow is definitely wrong. Thanks for the help!

I’m using SU 2024 and it’s pretty stable, but I can’t use LO 2024 because it just crashes soon after startup. I’m hoping that updates will improve stability. I tried running as administrator- suggested by another user here but that didn’t fix the problem.

I experienced the need to reset viewports in LO for the first time in '23 version. I hadn’t needed to do that in any earlier version.

I love SU/ LO- even wrote a few books to help aspiring contractors/ architects/ engineers to use it for construction documents. I truly hope these issues get fixed as I want SU offering to continue being the leader in small to medium size drawing office software in my slightly biased opinion. (IMSBO)

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I found SketchUp and Layout 2021-2022 to be extremely stable. I barely ever got a bugsplat or random crash. Sure, some things were slow at times, but you could mostly rely on things eventually working.

2023 wasn’t too bad…some crashes and problems with the menu system and tool trays, in particular. Eyedropper issues in LO. Floating trays being wierd…that sort of thing. Not critical.

But 2024 - with the new graphics engine or not - has been crashing frequently, and in much more surprising and original ways. I’ve also been getting a lot more corrupt (unopenable) files. I’ve probably sent 50 bugsplat reports this year (for SketchUp and Layout), which is more than I’ve sent in the last 5 years combined. Hoping the recent maintenance release will fix most of them (so far, not).

It does occur to me how few of the most serious issues generate actual bugsplats.
A lot of the most intensive models I work on have been developed during the last few years so there’s no difference in modelling approach or complexity across the versions.

I’m possibly one of the lucky Nvidia owners who get random graphics bugs… But perhaps garzonetto is one of those also. Either way, I wouldn’t write people’s experience off as fake news, even if the discussion isn’t articulated in a very constructive manner.

LO2024 proved that Trimble are looking at what people want, and attempting to provide it. If 2025 focussed solely on stability fixes, then I wouldn’t be upset.


What never ceases to amaze me is how senior users come into this kind of topics and mockup users that are not happy. No matter how unexperienced a user is, with Sketchup or this forum, it should be in everyone’s best interest to try to understand what is hapoening with them and not try to simply show up in Sketchup defense.

Not willing to help? Then simply don’t help.

I’m also seeing more instability with Sketchup and Layout, especially with complex models. But I also see that I usually get recovery files that are the very last minute changes.

Most of the issues I have opening files are there only when I open the files from file explorer or from the welcome screen. If I first open Sketchup with a template file and then open the problematic file it uses to open up ok.

Another advice I’d give is to use trimble connect sync. It’s infinite storage and file versioning might be a bless to recover corrupt files. I don’t remember having any, but I guess the need for revovery of the model from yesterday should be covered by it.

I’m one of the users that has seen huge improvements in all kinds of workflows over the years:

  • pointclouds
  • ipad
  • trimble connect
  • ifc improvements
  • sefaira
  • sketchup diffusion
  • faster graphics engine
  • better layout speed with each iteration
  • new plugins from community
  • same old modeling workflow
  • the best inference system in the market

I was half inclined to not respond but the OP’s title stated that they considered that Layout is a dumpster fire and they then proceeded to ask if anyone was having the same experience.

For my part, my first reply was factual – the bit about food for the family was obviously to add some emphasis.

But then the OP replied to me talking about real workflows…


A ‘real workflow’ is one that uses tools to get the job done.

I don’t hang trim with a shovel. Much less cut miters with a backhoe. Some folks need to see the tools for what they are and use what works or find what works and move on.

I don’t get and ‘real work’ done either. And my presentation in Steamboat was all smoke and mirrors. Clearly my workflow is wrong and I need different tools… :joy:

It is always better to try to learn than to bash a product and complain.

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Okay Okay, SketchUp and Layout are beyond reproach. I’ll kiss the ring and move on. Don’t worry, I’ve been bullied out of here. You guys are like businesses that cull bad reviews! Obviously I am not the only one having issues.

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