When creating dimension, click on edge doesn't work

I try to create a dimension from a point on a face perpendicular to the edge. The inference works well on the edge, but clicking on the edge doesn’t do anything and I can’t finish my dimension.
See screencast. From seconds 00:03 to 00:05 I’m left-clicking on the edge but nothing happens…

Try clicking on the corner so it has a vertex to relate too.

Alternatively, draw in line to beyond the far edge, so that it splits it.
Erase the part of the face but keep the other bit.
Now make the dimension from the corner to the end of that bit.
It will work.
Now erase the unwanted bit.
Your dimension’s color might change if you have your Model Info set up to show orphaned dimensions differently.
To resolve that make orphaned dims the same color as default ones…

That works! Great, thank you :slight_smile: !

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