When are you going to put a tapemeasure / bracket tool in layout?

I am getting really tired of counting tiny blocks to find the center of something, or to divide it into sections.

Lets say I want to put a bracket centered on a wall. to indicate the remodeled section. So I have to somehow count blocks on the grid to find the center ( or something close to it ), then draw my curved line, then try to replicate it on the opposite side. A bracket tool would make the process less painful.

Also need a way to insert text into a dimension.


An image would help us visualize what you need.

You can use the Tape Measure Tool and SketchUp’s inferences to quickly find the centerline on a wall. Then it’s a simple matter of placing guidelines equidistant from the centerline for the bracketed section. If you need to divide the length of the wall into equal parts, go to Edit>Edge>Divide and type the number of divisions you need. Then use the Tape Measure Tool again to find those division points. If you want to get fancy, I suppose you could put the original wall and the remodeled section on separate layers, then toggle the visibility of the remodel layer on and off to see the effects of the remodel.
Hope that helps.

I know how to do it in Sketchup - it is Layout I am whining about. In layout, unless I am completely blind, there’s no tape measure tool. Nor can you select a line and divide it either. Those would be worthwhile additions to the program.

an expandable bracket like this ----> { that wiggly cousin of a parentheses which I just found out is called a brace - the bracket has square corners.


OK I just drew a wall, in LayOut. Then I randomly placed a text “{ Remodeled Addition }” over the wall.

With the SelectTool, select the wall, hold the SHIFT key and select the text. Point to the text, right-click and select Horizontally from the Align sub-menu (of the popup mouse context-menu.) Then repeat choosing the Vertically choice from the Align sub-menu.

If you cannot remember they are on the context menu, they can always be accessed from the topbar Arrange main menu.

A TapeMeasure tool ?

You can substitute for the DimensionTool. Begin drawing the dimension, (first and second points for extension lines,) then note what the measure is, then click the ESC key, and the dimension will be cancelled. (ie , cancel it before clicking the 3rd time to place the dimension line itself.)

Repeat for as many things as you’d like to measure.

What you are saying is akin to dragging your car around with a horse to get something from the market. Sure, it’s a workaround, but what we need is some gas to put in the tank.

No offence intended, and I appreciate your comment, but the girls and boys in Trimbleland need to do a proper fix.


No doubt the toolset would be nice if it included a Measure tool.

But how do the Arrange / Align commands suit you ?