A line tool that works like tape measure tool

It would be a create if there is a line tool that works like the tape measure tool, so you can click on the bottom of a wall and type in dimensions and get a horizontal-vertical line where ever you wanted without having to clicking on each side with the current line tool to create a line, it will speed up the process and make the program more efficient!

Can you show an example of what you are trying to accomplish?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no SketchUp 2017 Go version.

Until this function will be added.


What tool is that? One of Curic’s? (Can’t see the name on my tiny little phone screen)

In one sentence you seem to use a ‘Dimension’ tool and a ‘Line’ tool instead of the ‘Tape Measure’ tool, just to rapidly see lengths of edges?
The ‘Tape Measure’ tool shows information about geometry (edges, vertices, face areas, groups, components etc.) when hovering over the geometry.

Yes, it’s Curic Dio 2 > ChalkLine

thanks @mihai.s that’s exactly what I meant, but I wish it would be a SketchUp native tool that does that because extensions make my program slow and crash.

So NOT SketchUp Go.

Please correct your forum profile.

At this point in tie you can be certain that SketchUp 2017 will never get the feature even if it is added natively.

Which extensions slow down SketchUp or make it crash?

Thanks I didn’t realize that’s my profile is SketchUp go instead of pro.
I had a few extensions don’t remember each name here are a few fredo 6 joint push pull
when I deleted them my program stopped misbehaving

Sounds to me like you are talking about the line tool.
1 select the line tool.
2. click on a point.
3. Infer the direction of your choice.
4. Type the dimension.
Hit enter, You are done!