Displaying line length

I am new in Ketchup and just enrolled this community. When slowly familiarising with this software, I have not yet discovered any discussion in this forum which provides the right answer on my topic.
So I am asking the question :I want to display next to each line of a rectangle or square, its length (in cm for expl) even if the measure is displayed in a box at the botton right par of the screen. This is because when printing the drawing, I want to see in the print these measurements.
Can someone tell ne how to do it ?

Use the Dimension tool to add dimensions in your model.

Thanks. I will try

Well. it wont work. When I use this option, I can view the length as long as I click on my mouse (see my screeshot). When I stop cliking on it, this indicator disappear. What I need is to make a print of the shape with a display of the dimension for each line.
Since this option does not work, can I have a clue on what else I can do to make it work ?

That’s the Tape measure, not the Dimension tool that Dave indicated.

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It does work if you use the right tool.

Use the tool I told and showed you to use. Click between points or in the case of dimensioning an edge, click on the edge and drag the dimension out away from it.


When you use the dimension tool as DaveR said, it needs to be clicked on end points. If you want to measure something with only one end point, you can make an end point with the tape measure tool and then erase all guidelines. The dimension tool measure will remain. You can also double click on the measure left by the dimension tool and it will act like a text box. I frequently convert the feet to inches by just erasing the feet or typing over them.

Great! I will use that. Many thanks

Thanks you all for your patience for helping me. I still have another question. I found the way to create a rectangle and show the length of each side. The rectangle was made by sliding my mouse to more or less the dimension I want : 60cm for expl. But when moving my mouse, even if I zoom in as much as I can, the length jump from 59.4cm to 60.3cm and cant get it to show exactly 60cm.
Is there a way to write somewhere the exact dimension in a box rather than sliding my mouse ? Unfortunately, the lower right corner box does not accept me to input a figure (it becomes inactive).

Click and release to start your rectangle, move the mouse in the direction you want to go, let go of the mouse and type in mid air whatever you want, 60cm,120cm and hit enter and you will get a rectangle 60 x 120cm. Be aware that the separator can be different depending on your regional settings. Mine is a , but it could be ;
Check what shows in the box and follow that. You can also see which axis is which by seeing which size comes where.
If the model units are set to cm them you don’t need to include the cm.
Never try to click in the box in the corner, it only displays what is happening.

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If you spend some time at The Learning Center, you will learn how to use the tools to get what you want. (interactive tutorials) Also, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and pay attention to the Square One series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

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OK, Got it

Well, what is frustrating is that the interface shown in most of the tutorials relate to SketchUp Pro, but I have KetchUp Shop which is much simpler and I do not have all these icons. So I probaby I have to take more time to go through the web and youtube clips to find the answer. Or simply upgrade to SketchUp Pro.

The user interfaces are different but the tools work the same way. The Desktop version of SketchUp has been around for more than 20 years. The web-based versions for much less time. It stands to reason there’d be more videos related to the desktop version.

Take some time to poke through the tools and get familiar with where they are. Then don’t agonize over the location of the tools. When the instructor tells you to use the Rectangle tool, you’ll know how to get in the version you’re using.

Out of curiosity, what is it you plan to model in SketchUp?

Thanks for your reply.
The reason for using SketchUp is that we moved to a new house and want to have tailor-made furniture to fit with our specific room dimensions. I love to draw plans of furniture (shelves, cabinet etc.) and give these plans to a carpenter to make these pieces of furniture. Currently I am drawing these plans by hand. I have attached examples of these plans.
But the problem is that, after discussions with my wife, we keep changing the dimensions and it means for me to re-draw by hand each time we make a change.
I was hoping that Sketch Shop or Sketch Pro could help me to design these plans and change easily the dimensions and the impact of these changes in the entire set.

Understood. Certainly with SketchUp it can be easier to change the design and dimensions. And I’ve never heard of anyone erasing a hole in their monitor while making changes. :wink:

That is certainly possible with both versions. How easy it is will depend on how you “build” the model.

Since you want to share plans with your carpenter you might find SketchUp Pro is a better option because it includes LayOut which is perfect for creating shop drawings that you can hand to the carpenter. There are other benefits as well. You can use a variety of extensions that can make the modeling even simpler and there are extensions that can create cutlists and other output that could be useful in figuring pricing and other things.

AhAhah ! Not only erasing a whole but putting typex on the screen to hid the whole !!!

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@fdormoy take a look at https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEQT0qjXe6zgCl0ITWmUg5OuG7Zjzf38F.
Those videos were recorded with Sketchup web and it could be useful for you

Great thanks ! This is a super link and very useul. I will look at them so I will not bother asking simple questions in the future.